Students in the QR Center


The Quantitative Reasoning Center supports students in any course with mathematical content – whether it be in the mathematics, science, social science, or humanities. The QR tutors have been recommended by faculty and trained in techniques based in the science of learning. As such, they help students learn how to learn.

The QR tutors have dual purposes:
to assist students in general quantitative areas and

  • to assist students with discipline-specific gateway courses based on the tutor’s area of expertise

The general quantitative areas that any and all of the QR tutors can assist students with are:

  • organizing an Excel spreadsheet;
  • making graphs in Excel;
  • using a scientific calculator;
  • computing statistics with or without a graphing calculator;
  • analyzing data sets;
  • calculating unit conversions;
  • understanding the order of operations;
  • and reviewing for the quantitative portion of the GRE.

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