Offered throughout the academic year, Data Analytics Hangouts invite students (regardless of major, class year, or courses taken), faculty, and staff from across campus to informally discuss what data analytics is and how it can be applied in a variety of settings. The events typically include a short presentation from faculty or students about recent and ongoing data-focused projects. This is followed by a relaxed and informal social period where students and faculty can network and discuss data analytics while enjoying refreshments.

The Data Analytics Hangouts are co-sponsored with the Quantitative Reasoning Center.

Hangouts for Fall 2022:

Date Speakers     Time    Location
September 14th                              

Prof. John MacCormick

Title:  Introduction to Data Analytics at Dickinson

Description:  This hangout will focus on what data analytics is and will outline the data analytics program at Dickinson. Following a brief presentation, a special data-focused musical performance will be put on by Dickinson faculty and students.

7:00 PM                   Althouse 08                  
October 12th

Prof. Sarah Niebler

Title: Big Data in Political Science

Description: Where do big data sets show up in Political Science? In this conversation, Prof. Niebler will talk about sources of quantitative data in the world of American politics, including discussing some of her own research projects. She will also encourage students in attendance to think about what political research questions they could answer using the tools of data analytics.

7:00 PM Althouse 08
November 9th

Prof. Dana Somers

Title: Plant Compounds as Epigenetic Weapons Against Insect Pests

Description: Plants and insects have long been locked in an evolutionary arms race, in which plants produce toxins and insects generate novel mechanisms of defense against these compounds. Sulforaphane, a compound produced by cruciferous plants, can alter gene expression by affecting epigenetic systems that control chromatin structure. As such, this compound could represent a new category of plant defense, with the potential to sabotage insect development and protect crop plants. This talk will focus on the effect of this compound on the expression of genes in pest caterpillars.

7:00 PM Althouse 08