Offered throughout the academic year, Data Analytics Hangouts invite students (regardless of major, class year, or courses taken), faculty, and staff from across campus to informally discuss what data analytics is and how it can be applied in a variety of settings. The events typically include a short presentation from faculty or students about recent and ongoing data-focused projects. This is followed by a relaxed and informal social period where students and faculty can network and discuss data analytics while enjoying refreshments.

The Data Analytics Hangouts are co-sponsored with the Quantitative Reasoning Center.

Hangouts for Fall 2023:

Date Speakers     Time    Location
September 20                              

Speaker: Prof. Dick Forrester

Title:  Data Analytics Summer Internship Experiences

Description: Please join us for a presentation from two data analytics majors who completed summer internships. They will discuss their own experiences and provide suggestions about how to find and get the most out of an internship.

  • Han Nguyen: Interned at Kudu Investment Management
  • Thomas Sniezek: Interned for the Chief Analytics and Insight Officer at Montgomery College
7:00 PM                   Althouse 08                  
October 11

Speaker: Prof. Dick Forrester

Title:   A Brief Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Description: In this presentation, we will introduce the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We will discuss its fundamental concepts and real-world applications, while also exploring the methodologies employed to teach machines to understand and generate human language.


7:00 PM Althouse 08
November 15

Speaker: Prof. Kennedy Odongo

Title:  Data Science for Social Good: How We Can Harness Data to Tackle Society's Biggest Challenges

Description: In today's rapidly changing world, the intersection of social sciences and big data presents a powerful catalyst for addressing social issues through data science for social good. These issues range from climate change, child malnutrition, homelessness, the opioid crisis, and gun violence just to name a few. By combining insights from fields like sociology, psychology, economics, political science, etc., and the ever-evolving data tools at our disposal we can effectively address some of these problems. The wide array of data types, ranging from traditional surveys and demographic data to unstructured sources like social media posts and satellite imagery combined with a knowledge of data science tasks, can enrich the depth of our understanding. This synergy between social sciences, data science,  and diverse data types empowers data scientists to develop innovative solutions that address pressing social challenges and promote a more equitable and just society.


7:00 PM Althouse 08