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Studying Abroad as a Data Analytics Major

The data analytics program has been designed to support and encourage participation in a variety of study abroad programs. See the Data Analytics Curriculum for a variety of examples of how students can study abroad for a semester or an academic year.

The majority of data analytics majors who study abroad do so in one of three programs that have strong data analytics offerings: The University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, and the University of Bologna in Italy. A full list of study abroad options for Dickinson students is available through the Center for Global Studies & Engagement.

To search the list of options of study abroad programs by major, search Program Discovery. The Global Course Equivalency Database provides examples of recent courses abroad that have been approved by the college to transfer back as Dickinson courses, but there may be many other courses not listed in this database that will also transfer.

Students should not expect to take DATA 300 or 400 while studying abroad. Double majors often select a site primarily driven by their other major, and students who plan carefully have the flexibility to not necessarily take data analytics classes abroad and can focus on their other major courses. Students are also encouraged to take data analytics courses abroad that may not transfer as part of the core but could count as an elective and part of the general degree requirements (DATA 214 or DATA 314).

Please make sure to learn more about your intended study-abroad program, including differences in teaching formats, the grade requirements for course transfer, and whether the course credit counts toward your major GPA.Current students are encouraged to discuss study abroad plans and develop a plan of study with their data analytics major advisor during their first year or early in their sophomore year.