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QR Tutors, QRAs, and TAs

What is the difference between a QR tutor, QRA, and TA?

  • QR Tutors are students who are available for one-on-one tutoring in the QR Center
  • Most QR tutors meet with students my appointment, but walk-in appointments are welcome if a tutor is available who can help
  • A Quantitative Reasoning Associate (QRA) is a student who is paired with a faculty member in a pedagogical partnership for a specific course. The QRA may hold office hours, run review sessions, attend labs, and much more! They are a resource for both the faculty member teaching the course and the students enrolled in the course. Please refer to this document and our FAQ sheet for more information about the QRA program. 
  • A Teaching Assisntat (TA) is hired within a specific department to help with course specific tasks such as grading and assisting with course assginments. A TA is similar to a QRA in that they are a resource for students, but they are different in that they are often asked to do prep work such as setting up labs or grading. 
  • All QRAs receive training on teaching best practices, how students learn, diversity and inclusion, and much more! While some TAs receive training, it is not a requirement in most departments. 

Can you work as a QR tutor, QRA, and TA all at the same time?

  • Yes! Most QR Center employees work as both tutors and QRAs, but this is not a requirement.
  • QR Center employees are permitted to be a TA in addition to a QR tutor or QRA. All TAs are hired through their respective department.