Division I - Humanities, Arts, Philosophy


Division II - Social Sciences

Department Liaison   Department Liaison
Archeology Ryan Burke   Africana Studies Ryan Burke
Art and Art History and Trout Gallery Julie Savage-Lee   American Studies Ryan Burke
Asbell Center and Judaic Studies Todd Bryant   Anthropology Ryan Burke
Classical Studies Ryan Burke   Community Studies Julie Savage-Lee
Educational Studies Julie Savage-Lee   East Asia Studies Todd Bryant
English Julie Savage-Lee   Economics Ryan Burke
Film Studies Julie Savage-Lee   History Ryan Burke
French and Italian Todd Bryant   International Studies Ryan Burke
German Todd Bryant   IB&M Ryan Burke
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Ryan Burke   Law & Policy/Policy Studies and Mgmt. Ryan Burke
Music Julie Savage-Lee   Middle East Studies Ryan Burke
Philosophy Brenda Landis   Political Science Ryan Burke
Religion Brenda Landis   Psychology Julie Savage-Lee
Russian Todd Bryant   Sociology Julie Savage-Lee
Spanish and Portuguese Todd Bryant   Women's and Gender Studies Julie Savage-Lee
Theatre & Dance Brenda Landis      

Division III -Natural Sciences



Department Liaison   Department Liaison
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Brenda Landis   Allarm Brenda Landis
Biology Brenda Landis   Clarke Forum  Ryan Burke
Chemistry Brenda Landis   Center for Sustainability Education Brenda Landis
Environmental Studies/Science Brenda Landis   Security Studies Ryan Burke
Earth Science Brenda Landis   Oral History  Julie Savage-Lee
Mathematics & Computer Science Brenda Landis   Phys Ed and Athletics Julie Savage-Lee
Neuroscience Brenda Landis   ROTC Julie Savage-Lee
Physics and Astronomy Brenda Landis