Division I - Humanities, Arts, Philosophy


Division II - Social Sciences

Department Liaison   Department Liaison
Archeology Ryan Burke   Africana Studies Ryan Burke
Art and Art History and Trout Gallery Brenda Landis   American Studies Ryan Burke
Asbell Center and Judaic Studies Todd Bryant   Anthropology Ryan Burke
Classical Studies Ryan Burke   Community Studies Brenda Landis
Educational Studies Brenda Landis   East Asia Studies Todd Bryant
English Todd Bryant   Economics Ryan Burke
French and Italian Todd Bryant   History Ryan Burke
German Todd Bryant   International Studies Ryan Burke
Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies Todd Bryant   IB&M Ryan Burke
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Ryan Burke   Law & Policy Ryan Burke
Music Brenda Landis   Middle East Studies Ryan Burke
Philosophy Ryan Burke   Political Science Ryan Burke
Religion Ryan Burke   Psychology Ryan Burke
Russian Todd Bryant   Sociology Ryan Burke
Spanish and Portuguese Todd Bryant   Women's and Gender Studies Brenda Landis
Theatre & Dance Brenda Landis      

Division III -Natural Sciences



Department Liaison   Department Liaison
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Brenda Landis   Allarm Brenda Landis
Biology Brenda Landis   Clarke Forum  Ryan Burke
Chemistry Brenda Landis   Center for Sustainability Education Brenda Landis
Data Analytics Brenda Landis   ROTC Ryan Burke
Environmental Studies/Science Brenda Landis   Security Studies Ryan Burke
Earth Science Brenda Landis      
Mathematics & Computer Science Brenda Landis      
Neuroscience Brenda Landis      
Physics and Astronomy Brenda Landis