Multimedia Presentations

Although Powerpoint is widely used as the main slideshow program, there are interesting alternatives that can give your presentations a different style and depth.  These also are good options for embedding multiple media elements.  These are online programs so they can be edited anywhere and can be left private or opened up for the public to view.  


Faculty and Students


Instructor Led-Hands on


30-50 Minutes In Class Time


  • Understand best practices in presenting
  • Understand presentation formatting styles
  • Ability to incorporate audio, video, images and text into a presentation



Haiku Deck


Google Drive

Prezi manual


Professor Liz Lewis- Educational Psychology Class

View images from Professor Lewis’s student presentations here.


Prezi is a flash based presentation program that is one large canvas where you add multiple images, videos and text.  It doesn’t have traditional slides but instead you can pan and zoom across the canvas in any direction to quickly focus in on one element.  The creator has the ability of programming the Prezi to follow along a certain path so that gives the feeling of a more traditional slideshow.


Race in the Classroom: A Cultural Analysis of the Achievement Gap on Prezi