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Tablet Project

Mobile Classroom

Tablet Computing

The goals of the tablet computer initiative are to explore the use of mobile technologies in the classroom and identify impacts of mobile technology on teaching and learning.  Mobile devices in the classroom can be an irresistible distraction or a powerful tool for active learning (or both!).

Many of your students are carrying powerful devices with them to class each day.  How could those devices be used to improve learning outcomes? Our hope is to explore that question by providing the entire class with a consistent computing platform so that faculty can experiment with mobile computing and determine if it is appropriate in their classes.

Previous tablet classes have reported that using tablet computers provided the following benefits in their classes:

  • students to have immediate, searchable access to all their course materials in one lightweight device and to navigate them quickly and easily
  • students can take shorthand notes
  • students can highlight and annotate texts
  • professors can poll students and get instant feedback
  • reduction in the use of paper