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Quantum Connections

Quantum Connections

Professor David Jackson

Students in Professor Jackson’s “Quantum Connections” were assigned podcasts that demonstrated or explained topics in the course for a general audience.  The example below is on time travel done via a creative role play by the students.

Professor Dave Richeson

Shoulders of Giants

Shoulders of Giants

Students in Professor Richeson’s course “Great Theorems & Ideas in Maths” were assigned podcasts as part of theShoulders of Giants series to relate profiles history’s greatest mathematicians.  The example below, “The Square Root of Two” is a good example of students presenting information they’ve recently studied in an approachable manner to a broad audience.

Professor Ted Merwin – “Great Secular Jews in History”

Department – Religion
Blog link: Great Secular Jews in History
Topic: Albert Einstein

Professor Dan Schubert - “Sociology of Health and Illness”

Department – Sociology
Blog link - Untold Stories: Raising Awareness about Disease and Disability”  Through research and interviews, the recordings give background on specific illnesses and how they affect those afflicted.
Topic – Cervical Cancer