Environment, Farming & Sustainability

J.H. Appleseed

Proprietor: Haley Salmon
Class Year: 2021

Description: An online marketplace providing a wide varierty of low-cost yet reliable and truly eco-friendly goods to encourage minimum-waste lifestyles and leave a positive mark on our planet.

Website: www.jhappleseed.com

Promotions (if applicable): Use coupon code "DSON2022" at checkout to get a 10% discount!

Greatfull Goods

Proprietor: Faith Sams
Class Year: 2004

Description: A sustainable lifestyle shop that offers zero waste substitutes and refills of hygienic products for home and body.

Website: www.shopgreatfull.com

Contact Information: (540) 987-0668 / 165 South Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Promotions (if applicable): code DICKINSON 5 % off online or in person


JTJ Tech

Proprietor: Jonathan Epstein
Class Year: 1996

Description: Pipe Freeze is Preventable!  With a Salamander Reservoir, you can connect and protect your wet & dry life safety fire sprinkler systems and be alerted to compromise before failure occurs.  


Contact Information: (610) 810-1833 / 3900 Hamilton Blvd, Allentown PA


Lost & Found Farm

Proprietor: Lauren Bruns
Class Year: 2013

Description: Organic Maine Wild Blueberry and Cut Flower Farm

Website: www.lostandfoundfarm.me


Sand Hill Berries

Proprietor: Susan Miller-Lynn
Class Year: 1971

Description: We grow small fruit and heritage variety apples and sell here on the farm and at local farm markets.

Website: www.sandhillberries.com

Contact Information: (724) 547-4760 / 304 Deer Field Road, Mount Pleasant PA 15666


Shelterwood Forest Farm

Proprietor: Max Paschall
Class Year: 2011

Description: A plant nursery and farm providing plants, seeds, and resources to help gardeners, farmers, and foresters increase climate resiliency in the Northeast

Website: www.shelterwoodforestfarm.com


Whaleback Nursery

Proprietor: Max Rubinstein
Class Year: 2016

Description: A small permaculture nursery offering native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers with a focus on edible species.

Website: www.whalebacknursery.com

Contact Information: (978) 505-3999 / Limington, ME 04049


Willow Brook Farm

Proprietor: Kathryn Malinowski
Class Year: 2007

Description:  We are a small farm specializing in pasture-raised poultry and heirloom vegetables. 


Contact Information: (717) 318-7069 / 35 Center Rd., Newville, PA  17241