The information below provides a brief overview of the conduct process at Dickinson College. Please reference the Community Standards for additional information.  

Procedures for Resolving Misconduct                                

When the actions of a student(s) or organization are alleged to violate the Dickinson College Community Standards, a process of review and resolution is implemented.  This section describes the various procedures employed for the resolution of concerns about behavior and conduct that is inconsistent with our values and standards as an academic community. 

Generally, reports of violations of standards are submitted to the Vice President and Dean of Student Life Office at which point they are resolved formally or informally.

All academic misconduct situations must be heard through the formal resolution process.

Resolution Process

Read about the Informal Resolution Process. (Look here if you have received an e-mail stating that a meeting has been scheduled to bring informal resolution to this matter.)

Read about the Formal Resolution Process. (Look here if you have picked up a notice letter, incident report and/or other supplemental information in the Dean of Students Office. Your notice letter will contain information about whether an administrative or panel hearing has been scheduled to bring resolution to this matter.)

Appeal Process

Student Conduct Frequently Asked Questions

For questions please contact Elizabeth Farner, Assistant Dean of Students, at 717-245-1676 or

The Dean of Students Office is located in the upper level of the Holland Union Building (HUB).