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Conduct Resources for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Generally faculty, administrators and staff at the College interact with Student Conduct in two main ways. Students seek out College community members to serve as advisors through the conduct process, and faculty members utilize the Student Conduct in the Vice President and Dean of Student Life Office to submit allegations of academic misconduct.

We strongly encourage that you read the Community Standards thoroughly if you are participating in the conduct process or have questions. 

Serving as an Advisor

We view faculty, administrators and staff members at the College as partners in accomplishing our goals of learning, accountability and integrity in Student Conduct. One way to facilitate this is by serving as an advisor to students going through the conduct process. We encourage all students to seek out an advisor, as the mentorship and learning that occur in that relationship are invaluable learning tools. If you would like to serve as an  advisor please contact us, as students regularly ask for assistance in identifying an advisor. Additional information on serving as an advisor is located here.

Submitting An Allegation of Academic Misconduct

When faculty suspect a student has violated academic expectations, the relevant information should be forwarded to the Vice President and Dean of Student Life Office using the Allegation of Academic Misconduct Form.  Additional information on the hearing process is available here. Once a memo outlining an alleged incident of academic misconduct is received, Bridget Burnhisel, Director of Student Conduct, reviews the information to determine what policies or standards are in question. At that point a notice letter is generated and sent to the student along with a copy of all supplemental information that has been submitted.


Our FAQ section for faculty, staff & administrators outlines questions we often receive regarding the conduct process. In addition, please contact Bridget Burnhisel, Director of Student Conduct, at 717-245-1676 or with any questions that are not answered here.