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Dean of Students

Aims of Student Conduct

Student Conduct, a function of Student Life, plays a vital role in fulfilling the Dickinson College mission of preparing young people for engaged lives of citizenship.  The Dean of Students Office coordinates the administration of the student conduct process, including social and academic misconduct.  In doing so, we strive to prepare young people by helping students learn from decisions, holding students accountable for violating the standards we have for all Dickinsonians, and assisting to maintain a safe learning community.  We balance the needs of the Dickinson community with the learning needs of individual students by emphasizing:

  • Student Learning - College is a time of learning and self-discovery.  The boundaries of how and where a student learns are limitless.  We strive to make the conduct process one where students can learn from their decisions, make informed decisions, and understand the process as an opportunity for growth.
  • Accountability - Being accountable for our actions goes beyond “righting our wrongs”.  It includes taking ownership for both the intent and impact of our actions.  Through the conduct process we strive to help students understand and take accountability for their actions in and to the Dickinson Community. 
  • Integrity - The Dean of Students Office strives to assist students in leading a life of integrity by assisting and encouraging students to make decisions that are congruent with a lifestyle that reflects the student’s role as a leader in a society that engages the world.

We hope the information below will assist you in understanding the conduct process at Dickinson better:

The Conduct Process   |  Appeal Process
Student Conduct Frequently Asked Questions

For questions please contact Bridget Burnhisel, Director of Student Conduct, at (717) 245-1676 or The Dean of Students Office is located in the upper level of the Holland Union Building.

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