Keith FischerHello and welcome to Dickinson College. My name is Keith Fischer, associate director of admissions and proud alumnus of the class of 2002.

I’d love to share my story with you, as it provides an outstanding example of the useful nature of the Dickinson education. Through my coursework as a student, I discovered a major that I never knew I’d be drawn to: political science. I also explored my interests in film, history, literature and current events. The mentorship I received from faculty and staff at Dickinson (including a local judge and a member of the faculty at the Army War College) was priceless. My learning continued outside of the classroom as well through my participation in intercollegiate athletics as a member of the football team.

After graduation I had combined my passion for athletics and the tools provided through my liberal-arts education as I transitioned into the world of sports. I spent one year as a coach at Dickinson and eight years as a college scout for the Philadelphia Eagles, which gave me the opportunity to truly practice the 21st-century skill set that I received during my time at Dickinson. While in the NFL, I primarily scouted players in the northeast, traveling to nearly every college and university in this area. Over and over again I was struck by the distinctively Dickinson education I had received and always wanted to find a way to come back and share my story with others.

I look forward to sharing more about all I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of because of Dickinson, and I hope to help you find your passion and “fit” as you navigate your college search and begin your own story.

All the best,

Keith Fischer ’02
Associate Director of Admissions