Bethany Parliament-ChevalierCongratulations on reaching this crossroad in your life!

From my own experience, I know that searching for the higher-education institution that is the right “fit” can be an anxious time for you. In fact, I have gone through this search process twice—once when I searched for a college where I could pursue my undergraduate studies and again when I went to graduate school! As anxious as this time can be, I also hope you can view it as a thrilling period in your life—a time for you to reflect on who you are, who you want to become, and what challenges and experiences you need to help you grow in that direction.

Motivating my own decision to take a position in admissions at Dickinson was the desire to find a challenge that would help me grow at a place that matched my variety of interests and fit my personal philosophy of education. Given all this, it should be no surprise that one of the questions that I look forward to answering for prospective students is “What do you like most about Dickinson College?” I enjoy that question because it is really difficult for me to narrow down the many things I appreciate about Dickinson into one succinct response. But when pressed, I identify Dickinson’s sense of purpose and mission to develop engaged global citizens as my favorite thing about the college. This mission is not a lofty ideal to be obtained at some point in the future for students. Instead, Dickinson really pushes students to recognize how their college education can be used to be active members of society throughout their four years. Whether enrolling in one of the college’s service-learning courses, pursuing an internship, or taking part in the fieldwork based Mosaic program, students are encouraged to assimilate what they learn in the classroom to real-life problems and situations.

As you begin the college-search process, my hope is that you are able to leave room for personal reflection—to see this process as something you own, not something that owns you. I am looking forward to helping you navigate this process and I am eager to assist you as you explore Dickinson and determine if Dickinson’s historic campus is the right fit for you.


Bethany Parliament-Chevalier
Associate Director of Admissions