First Year Students

First Year Students are not permitted to possess or operate motor vehicles on the Dickinson campus or in the Carlisle area. This restriction applies to any vehicle regardless of its type, ownership, or registration but does not apply to car sharing services such as ZipCar. This policy is in effect seven days a week.

Exceptions to the policy are granted according to strict guidelines and may only be made by the Department of Public Safety.

  • Requests for exceptions must be made in writing by the student and forwarded to the Chief of Public Safety at
  • Requests for exceptions for medical reasons may require the submissions of documents from your health care provider. Public Safety may consult with the Wellness Center for requests of this type. 

In the event that a First Year Student is granted permission to possess a vehicle and they wish to park in a campus parking lot, they will be restricted to west end of the Kline Center West Lot, and they will receive a tag with a green stripe to designate their status.