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Safety Programs & Services

Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Registration

The bicycle registration program is a free service for students. A numbered decal will be affixed to your bike and the same number stamped into the bottom of the bike. A registration form will be completed containing these numbers and will be kept on file for four years. If the bike is stolen and recovered, the owner can be traced through the registered decal number.

To register your bike, contact the Department of Public Safety at ext. 1349 on campus or 717-245-1349 off campus.

Bicycle Safety & "Rules of the Road"

  • Keep to the right side of the road-ride with traffic, not against traffic. Ride single file, and never ride on business district sidewalks. Abide by traffic laws (stop signs, yield signs, one-way streets and traffic signals). Use hand signals for turning.
  • Give pedestrians and motor vehicles the right of way. Use caution when passing parked cars—doors can open without warning. Never ride from between parked cars or weave in and out of traffic. Don't hitch onto moving vehicles. Watch out for potholes, broken glass and other hazards.
  • Helmets are recommended. Equip your bike with front and rear lights; front lights must be visible from 150 yards; you must have a red rear reflector visible from 100 feet. Use spoke/wheel reflectors and pedal reflectors. Only ride one to a bike seat—no riders or large packages on handle bars.
  • Preventing Bike Theft: Invest in a good quality lock. We do not recommend cables, chains or padlocks. Lock your bike by the frame, not the wheels. Use bike racks; do not lock bikes in stairwells, at parking meters, road signs or trees. Park your bike at a rack in a well-traveled well-lit area. If you have a quick release seat, take it with you, or use a seat lock.
  • General Bike Safety: Check for worn or damaged parts before riding your bike. Regularly inspect your bike's saddle, reflectors, handlebars, pedals, brakes, spokes, wheels, chain and tires. Wear light colored clothing at night. Don't confuse motorists with a pedal/coast ride style. This gives the impression you are stopping or turning. Keep a constant rhythm in a low gear (this conserves your energy and maintains a constant speed).