Box It Up Storage Option

Dickinson College partners with a short-term storage solution company in Carlisle, PA called Box It Up. Box It Up will pick up boxes on campus, store them while you are away, and return them at the start of the semester. The summer storage term has been adjusted to start effective immediately, not in May. No extra charge is being added for this convenience. For additional information, contact

  • Box It Up boxes are 2.5 cubic feet. With this cost you will receive a Box It Up box, box pick up, one term of storage (May to September, September to January, or January to September) and box drop off.
  • All boxes must be purchased from Box It Up. Box It Up accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash, check, and Venmo.
  • Pricing
    • $210 - 6 boxes - $35 a box
    • $200 - 5 boxes - $40 a box
    • $180 - 4 boxes - $45 a box
    • $150 - 3 boxes - $50 a box
    • $110 - 2 boxes - $55 a box
    • $65- 1 box - $65 a box
    • 7 or more boxes- $30 per box
  • Box It Up will store mini-fridges and luggage. 
  • Box weight limit is 50 lbs per box. Any box weighing more than 50 lbs will be charged an additional $35 and no boxes will be accepted over 70 lbs.


Storage Facilities

Dickinson College does not provide any on-site storage facilities for students looking to store personal items between semesters or during the summer. There are a number of locally owned storage facilities in the area and several are convenient to campus. While Dickinson College does not endorse any specific storage facility we have attached a listing here for your convenience.
Additionally, Zeigler's Storage & Transfer Inc. (717-243-2033) and U-Haul (717-249-8661) have reached out to support Dickinson College students during move out for spring 2020. U-Haul is offered free 30-day storage at some locations.

Bike Storage - move out spring 2020

Please try to take your bike with you when you move out, as there will be limited storage available. However, if you are unable to take it with you, you may store it in the bike room at High Street Residence. All students now have card access to this space. When you approach High Street Residence, the bike room is to the right of the front door.

If you have questions about bikes currently in storage or Green Bikes, please contact


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is made available through the Vice President & Dean of Student Life Office and includes the Residential Living Guidelines and Policies.