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Roommate Relationships

First-Year Roommates

First-year roommates decorate their dorm room.

First-Year students will complete a house preferences form form (available in May) to indicate your living preferences.  You will be asked many questions, for example when do you typically go to sleep and wake up, do you prefer a tidy room or tend to keep it messy, along with other questions.  This will help our office match you with a roommate.  Our process has proven to be quite successful, so you can depend on us to match you with a roommate.  There is a great benefit to letting us match you to your roommate including meeting someone with similar living preferences without the pressure of trying to create that match on your own.

First-Year students may also request to live with a specific person. You will also do this on your house preferences form by listing the name of your preferred roommate. This must be a mutual request from both parties. We will do what we can to honor that request; however, there are some situations that would trump that request. There also may be programs that encourage you not to live with someone you know and to rely on our roommate matching process.

We will use your Personal Preferences form to find a roommate that will hopefully work for you. We encourage you not to feel any pressure or stress to find a roommate. This is simply an option for some who connect with someone prior to arriving at Dickinson and would like to make the choice to live together. For any questions about this process, contact Residence Life & Housing at or 717-245-1556.