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Access Plan - How to Set Up Accommodations Through CLIQ

Student Guidance

Follow these steps to set up your accommodations using the Access Plan

1.  Look for email notifications from about two weeks prior to the start of each semester* letting you know when your Access Plan cards will be ready and how to confirm your understanding of the Access Plan process.

2.  Submit your Access Plan to your professor(s) following the process applicable for you:

3.  Click the "Request a Meeting" button in your Access Plan to schedule your accommodation planning meetings with each professor.

4.  Meet with each professor to review your Access Plans. If you and your professor decide that changes are needed, be prepared to revise and re-submit your Access Plan during your meeting.

5.  Ensure, before concluding your meeting, that your professor has (1) has "Acknowledged" your Access Plan and (2) if you have test-taking accommodations, confirmed all test-taking requests that you submitted with your Plan.

Questions? Email or call 717-254-8090 and be ready to leave a detailed message. We're happy to help! 

*If you receive accommodations for the first time in the middle of a semester, you will receive this information immediately.