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Accommodations for Timed Assessments

How to Request Accommodations for Timed Assessments

During your meeting with your professor(s), discuss your test-taking accommodations and determine if the professor is able to implement them. Be sure to consider quizzes, mid-semester exams, and final exams, as your need for accommodations in each of these may be very different, and keep in mind that proctoring from ADS is NOT available only for classes being held remotely. To ensure that your professor has a schedule of your test-taking needs,  ALL assessments for which you need accommodations should be entered into your Access Plan. Here's how:

  1. From the Dickinson Gateway, open CLIQ -> Academic-> Access Plan Home.
  2. Click TEST TAKING SET-UP for the class in which you require test-taking accommodations.
  3. Choose the appropriate SCHEDULE button. 
    • For mid-semester assessments, click SCHEDULE QUIZ|TEST. Go to Step 3A, below.
    • For all assessments that occur during the final exam period, click SCHEDULE FINAL EXAM. Skip to Step 3B, below.
  4. When you meet with your professor, determine the logistics for each assessment. This is especially important if you have submitted a request that occurs at a time that is outside of the time when the assessment is being given to the class. From the faculty view of your Access Plan, your professor must indicate the plan for each assessment. Again, ADS proctoring is NOT available for remote classes.

   3A. Mid-semester Tests and Quizzes

  • Indicate if the assessment is a Quiz or a Test/Exam.
  • On the Add a Description line, give your test a name. (e.g. Quiz #1, Exam #1, etc.)
  • Enter Assessment Duration for the Class if it is different than what already appears.
  • If you will be using extend time, ensure that the Apply Extended Time box is checked.
  • Select the Test-Taking Date from the drop-down calendar. Note: You may see a pop-up box indicating that the selected exam time conflicts with another one of your classes. In that situation, you must adjust the request so that it does not create a conflict. 
  • Adjust the Exam Start Time (Hour, Minute, AM/PM) if it is different than what is showing.
  • Note that the End Time is calculated for you, based on the Assessment Duration and your extended time.
  • Double-check all of your information. Once you are satisfied, click SUBMIT TEST-TAKING ACCOMMODATION REQUEST.
  • Repeat for each assessment in the course. If there is an assessment during final exam week, proceed to 3B.

   3B. Assessments During Finals Week

  • The established date and time of the final assessment will appear by default (This is pre-determined by the Registrar). Adjust only if you already have a final exam scheduled on the same day.
  • The assessment duration defaults to 3 hours (plus extended time) for all tests given during finals week. Adjust this only if the test has a shorter duration.
  • Double-check all of your information. Once you are satisfied, click SUBMIT TEST-TAKING ACCOMMODATION REQUEST.

During your meeting with your professor, you will discuss the logistics of each assessment. If it is determined that proctoring from ADS is needed (only available for on-campus classes), your professor will make that designation from their faculty page in CLIQ.  

If you have any questions, email We are happy to assist!