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Volunteer Monitoring

Shale Gas Monitoring

Butler Shale Gas Workshop

Since 2010, each year over 1,200 unconventional wells are drilled in Pennsylvania. In response to community concern and call for assistance, ALLARM has developed a volunteer monitoring program for communities interested in assessing small streams and their watersheds for early detection of impacts from shale gas extraction activities. So far, ALLARM has held over 60 volunteer workshops, training over 2,000 volunteers in Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia to monitor water quality using chemical, stage and visual assessments. 

ALLARM provides equipment to volunteers and trains volunteers to use the equipment and record their data, as well as how to interpret data later on. Trainings, equipment, and technical support is currently free of charge for volunteers in Pennsylvania. Individuals and organizations interested in becoming Shale Gas Monitors should contact ALLARM for more details. This program is funded by the Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (C-SAW) and the Colcom Foundation.

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