Monitoring Resources

Students monitoring the Letort Stream Run

Many of ALLARM's resources and workshop tools are available online. We invite organizations and individuals to use our background materials, presentations, manuals, and directions to start stream and water quality monitoring programs. For questions or assistance, please contact us.

Chemical Monitoring Data Reminders

Need assistance regarding what value to record in your data sheet for a chemical parameter? Use this document as a reference when recording and analyzing data with your ALLARM chemical monitoring kits.

Sampling Pole Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

The Sampling Pole DIY provides instructions to create a stream monitoring sampling pole at home!

COVID-19 Monitoring Guidelines

These guidelines should be read prior to monitoring if you choose to do so when your PA county is in the Green Phase.

Stream Team Manual

This manual details the protocol of our Stream Team monitoring program.

Study Design Manual

Study design manuals help inform groups what they will monitor, what parameters to measure and what the goals of monitoring projects are.

Chemical Monitoring

Chemical monitoring is a snapshot view in time of stream health. This manual focuses on quality assurance/quality control practices that are needed to maintain your monitoring equipment and use your kits and meters correctly. 

Visual Assessment

Visual assessment trains volunteers to evaluate stream health based on physical characteristics of the stream. This manual is ALLARM's modified version of the USDA Visual Assessment Protocol.

Biological Monitoring

Macroinvertebrates are commonly used as biological indicator of stream health. This manual is ALLARM's adaptation of the Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement (EASI) protocol.

Data Interpretation

After you collect your data, it is time to find your water quality story! ALLARM developed a virtual watershed as an exercise to help you understand water quality trends and typical relationships to facilitate understanding your data.


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