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Community Studies and Mosaics

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Research Resources

Resources for Oral History Interviewing and Ethnographic Fieldwork

Professional Associations’ Codes of Ethics and IRB Resources Relevant to Community Studies Center Work
Oral History Association. “Oral History and Best Practices.” October, 2009.

The AAA page on IRBs includes discussions of ethnographic fieldwork and IRBs, the confidentiality of field notes, and the shelf-life of ethnographic data.

AAA's  "Handbook on Ethical Issues" includes practical discussions of ethical issues and teaching ethics.

An institutional review board is a committee established under the federal regulation for the protection of research participants . Each IRB is legally responsible for assuring that all research involving human participants that is conducted under the aegis of its institution complies with this regulation. For more information, visit the website of the federal Office for Human Research Protections.