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Community Studies and Mosaics

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Community Studies Center and Mosaics

Community Studies and Mosaics

The mission of Community Studies and Mosaics is to create collaborative communities of inquiry. Faculty, students and community partners engage in interdisciplinary field research to create shared knowledge, working toward greater equality, peace and social justice.


African American Foodways in the Civil Rights Movement Mosaic
Students and faculty in the spring 2020 African American Foodways in the Civil Rights Movement Mosaic will develop new understandings of African American struggles for human rights, especially the mid-20th century Civil Rights Movement. It will revisit the history of the Civil Rights Movement through the prism of foodways – the food cultures, establishments and politics that shaped how that movement was fought. Three major themes will guide the work of this Mosaic: Pleasure, Contestation, and Nourishment. Students and professors will explore these themes with a particular focus on the US South through a Mosaic composed of three courses in Africana Studies, History and Food Studies. The Mosaic will include a research trip of approximately ten days (March 8-17) in the US South. For more information contact: Professor Lynn Johnson in Africana Studies, Professor Say Burgin in History, and/or Center for Global Studies and Engagement.

Carlisle Indian School Digitization Project Highlighted on the Front Page of the Navajo Times
The Archives and Special Collections department of Dickinson College partnered with the Community Studies and Mosaics to create a website that brings together and makes available the various photographs, letters, and administrative files pertaining to the more than 10,000 students who attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) between 1879 and 1918. There is now a searchable database for those individuals who wish to search for more information on the CIIS and/or the students who attended the school.