Banner Self-Service is accessed through the SSB Button on the Dickinson Gateway.  This is the Web interface that was delivered with the administrative software for student, employee, alumni and finance information.  It is where faculty will perform many of their tasks including registration overrides, entering grades, etc.

CLIQ is accessed through another button on the Dickinson Gateway.  This is a custom application built by Dickinson’s LIS department to interact with the Banner software.  This form is mainly used for obtaining information about students, but faculty can also use the application to e-mail their class lists/advisees/majors, download them to Excel, view students’ photos and run degree audits for their advisees.

The following is a breakdown of the the most popular uses for each application:

Banner Self-Service:

  • Entering Roll Call & Final Grades
  • Entering Registration Overrides
  • Summary of Advisees' Grades


  • Photo Class Lists (with email & download function)
  • Photo Advisee Lists (with email & download function)
  • Advisee Degree Audits
  • Student Profiles (including grades for advisees/majors)
Each application offers additional functionality, so be sure to log in and check it out. For questions about this information, please contact Deb Bolen -