It is the goal of the Registrar's Office to maximize the use of all college space while simultaneously supporting you in your role as teacher, mentor and researcher. We also strive to support the recently approved Guiding Principles, most specifically #4, which states that "the priority of the College as a whole [be the guide] in all institutional decision-making." The following criteria are used by the Registrar’s Office for prioritizing room requests:

  1. Courses scheduled during faculty-approved time slots per faculty meeting April 2002 (refer to the Scheduling Worksheet on the Registrar's Web page with the Course Submission Information each semester
    •   after 1:30 p.m., access to facilities and technology will be granted according to the following priority:
    1.  Monday/Thursday; Tuesday/Friday
    2.  Tuesday/Thursday; Monday/Wednesday
    3.  Monday/Tuesday; Monday/Friday; Thursday/Friday
  2. Courses with special needs:
  •   Specific technology on a permanent usage basis
  •   Specific equipment required by a particular subject

3.  Course capacity correlated to room size

4.  Classroom in close proximity to faculty member’s office/department

5.  Classrooms in close proximity (within same building) for back-to-back meeting times

6.  During the Fall semester, first-year seminars will be given first priority for seminar rooms (11:30 MWF, 12:20 MWF, 11:30 MF). Rooms will be assigned prior to the course submission deadline.

7.  Room preferences without code information will receive lower priority in scheduling