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Employee Assistance Program

What is an EAP?

Daily living requires dealing with personal problems. Usually people can solve problems on their own, but sometimes the problem persists despite a person's best effort to resolve them. What may start as a minor problem can become progressively difficult to handle.

The first step in overcoming a problem is to recognize that it exists. The second step is to get help quickly when you cannot resolve it alone.

Sometimes problems can be resolved by simply talking them over with a trusted friend, relative, or religious adviser. In many cases, however, professional consultation is not only desirable but necessary.

The Employee Assistance Program offers you and your family individual assistance to help you resolve your problems and make your life happier, more productive, and more satisfying. It is voluntary.

Access to the EAP means that you will receive assistance in clarifying the problem, searching for alternatives to resolve the problem, and developing a constructive plan of action. It can help you with problems related to marital and family issues, problems with children at home or in school, depression, relocation, alcoholism or drug abuse, aging, health-related problems, eating disorders, or the death of a loved one.

Any personal problem which is troublesome to you is important enough to use the Employee Assistance Program.

Why have an EAP?

The success of Dickinson College depends on each of our employees being as healthy and productive as possible. If the program helps you identify and resolve problems early rather than going through a long and often painful process of trying to cope, your well-being will improve and the College will benefit from your positive attitude and optimum effectiveness.

Who can use the EAP?

Your Employee Assistance Program is available to all full-time and part-time employees and immediate family members who are eligible for medical benefits.

What does the EAP provide?

In many cases, problems can be resolved with only a few consultations. Dickinson College has prepaid for the EAP services. You may have up to three visits per fiscal year at no cost to you. If you and your psychologist believe you require more specialized assistance or longer-term service, he or she may suggest you seek help outside the EAP by suggesting appropriate and qualified providers. Services received from resources outside the EAP may be covered in full or in part by the College's medical coverage.

Will my EAP contact be confidential?

Yes. That is why the College uses outside professionals. Consultations are conducted in offices which are comfortable, convenient, and private. No one will know of your contact without your written permission unless you tell someone.

Who provides the EAP service?

Dickinson College contracts with a highly qualified group practice to provide you professional services in their offices. Their clinical staff offer a range of expertise including treatment of adults, couples, children, and families. The practice is:

26 State Avenue
Carlisle, PA

Should you want to seek professional services outside of Carlisle, you can be referred to an appropriate EAP provider nearby. The Clincal Director of Franco Psychological Associates is available to respond to this need and to answer any other questions you might have related to the EAP.

An additional EAP program option is also available to all active, eligible full-time employees through Reliance Standard. For more information and a list of comprehensive benefits under Reliance Standard's program, please visit the link below:

Reliance Standard Comprehensive EAP Benefits



How do I use the EAP?

You may contact the EAP provider directly by calling the phone number listed to schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your concern. You may be asked to present your College photo identification card. You are encouraged to arrange EAP consultations at a mutually convenient time.

Sometimes you may need assistance in dealing with personal problems which are troublesome to your private life or work.

You should consider contacting the EAP if:

  • You have a prolonged period of sadness
  • You or a loved one is losing control over drug or alcohol use
  • You feel overwhelmed by work or other events
  • Your marital relationship is strained
  • You lack the ability to organize your work or other aspects of your life
  • You feel the need for help in dealing with an aging parent
  • For any problem that causes you substantial concern

Remember...Dickinson College will not become involved in your personal life, but it does recognize the importance of providing constructive assistance to help you and your family lead fuller, more satisfying lives. The EAP can do this in an effective and beneficial way.

last updated on February 15, 2023