The college has established a panel of health care providers to use if you have an on-the-job injury. Of course, if your condition requires emergency treatment, please go to the nearest emergency facility, and then schedule any follow-up treatment with a designated provider from the panel.

A provider from this panel should be used for the first 90 days after your initial visit with a panel provider. After 90 days, you can continue to see any provider within the panel or choose another medical provider.

This new panel of providers assures anyone injured on the job same-day treatment and increased communication, meaning your bills will be paid faster. Additionally, providers will be familiar with our campus and specific job duties. Please review the Employee Workplace Injury/Illness Flowchart and Worker's Compensation Panel of designated providers and contact information.

Remember: If you are injured on the job, you should report the incident to your immediate supervisor or Human Resource Services within 24 hours of the incident by either using an incident report form or calling x1503. All injuries, no matter how slight, need to ultimately be reported to Human Resource Services in order to inform the Worker's Compensation carrier of a possible claim. Failure to notify us can result in the delay or denial of your claim. If you are seeking treatment at Concentra, an authorization form should be completed. If you are seeking treatment at AllBetterCare, an authorization form should be completed.

Supervisors are requested to complete an Accident Investigation Form and submit it within five business days of the reported incident.

If you have questions about job-related injuries, contact Human Resource Services at ext. 1503 or