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Flexible Spending Account MasterCard

Benefits of the FSA MasterCard

Employees enrolled in Dickinson's FSA program will receive a new Benefits MasterCard in the mail when you enroll in the plan.  Please review the documentation included with the card.

The Benefits MasterCard provides a way to immediately access the funds in your FSA.  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations strictly govern the use of these Benefits Cards, and you are solely liable for its use.  When you swipe your card at a participating store, the system will automatically sort the item(s) you are attempting to purchase, and will only allow payments via FSA funds for expenses that are eligible under the FSA.  Any items that are not eligible under the FSA must be purchased using an alternative form of payment.

Requirements for Benefits Card usage:

  • The card may be used to pay for eligible expenses under IRS guidelines, including:  doctor's visit co-payments; prescription drug co-payments; medical plan deductibles; dependent day care expenses (if dependent care account elected); eligible medical, dental or vision expenses that are not covered by any other plan.
  • The card may be used to pay for eligible expenses at approved merchants that accept MasterCard.
  • Expenses are limited to your elected annual maximum.
  • The card must be used as a credit (not debit) transaction.
  • You must keep copies of all receipts for which you use your card.  HealthSmart might request those receipts.  If they are requested, and you fail to provide them, your card may be temporarily inactivated.

Dependent Cards
If you are interested in ordering an additional card for a dependent's use, please request so in writing using this form.  Forms may be sent via fax or mail:

Toll-Free Fax Number: 844-319-3669
Mailing Address: HealthSmart Benefit Solutions, PO Box 16647, Lubbock, TX  79490-6647