Health Advocate Information

Effective March 1, 2004, the College introduced a new service to all full-time employees called Health Advocate. Health Advocate is an independent organization which will provide services to you, your children, your spouse, your parents and your spouse's parents. Complete information about the service is available at Health Advocate's website.

The registered nurses and doctors who staff Health Advocate will work for you as Dickinson employees to navigate the increasingly complex set of issues you and your family face in the health care marketplace. They will come to know our health plan intimately, but will also be able to guide you to the best, most efficient and effective solutions to health care issues. Some of the services Health Advocate provides are as follows:

  • Find the best/appropriate doctors and hospitals.
  • Schedule appointments with hard to reach specialists.
  • Identify renowned "best-in-class" medical institutions regarding serious illness or injury.
  • Locate and research current treatments for a medical condition.
  • Locate and coordinate varied medical/health related services.
  • Locate/navigate services for eldercare.
  • Resolve eligibility problems and benefit and claims issues.
  • Communicate and coordinate benefits between physicians and with insurance companies.
  • Secure second opinions to help provide peace of mind.
  • Assist with correcting billing mistakes.
  • Coordinate care for a member with complicated medical issues.
  • Assist in identifying alternative coverage options.

Health Advocate Newsletters

Phone: 1-866-695-8622
Phone: 1-610-825-1222
FAX: 1-610-825-7776
Mail: 450 Sentry Parkway, Suite 102, Blue Bell, PA 19422