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2023-2024 Open Enrollment

July 1, 2023 Changes


Insurance premiums reflect a small increase due to market. The salary bands and tiers within the premium structure will remain unchanged this year.

Transition from CVS Caremark to Optum Rx for Prescription Benefit Manager: Meritain Health will issue new member ID cards that include the Optum Rx Prescription Drug Plan information.

Medical plan participating provider deductible increases from $350 individual/$1,050 family to $500 individual/$1,500 family and the participating provider out-of-pocket maximum increases from $1,300 individual/$3,900 family to $1,500 individual/$4,500 family.


No change in insurance premiums or plan design for both the Low Option and High Option plans.

Comparison of Dental Plans


No change in insurance premiums or plan design.


Health Care Flexible Spending Account

The annual election amount is increased to $3,050 to coincide with IRS regulations and covers out of pocket health care expenses. Contributions should be planned carefully based on predictable medical, prescription drug, dental and vision expenses, because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that any money left unclaimed in your account at the end of the plan year's "grace period" (September 15) be forfeited.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

The annual election amount remains unchanged at $5,000 or up to the total salary of the lowest paid spouse (whichever is less) and covers work related dependent care expenses.


For eligible employees (FT with one year of service), the employer matching contribution will increase from .25% to .5%.