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General Regulations

General Regulations for Funding

Photograph of a student on a treadmillExceptions to The Guidelines
Exceptions to The Guidelines may be made by a majority vote of R&D and the agreement of the Provost.

Time Restrictions for All Summer Projects
Summer projects in the categories of student/faculty research, professional development, scholarship and teaching will only be funded during a time period not to begin until after Commencement weekend and ending before the first day of new student orientation.

Changes to Projects
You must inform R&D, in writing, of any major changes in the project proposal before they are implemented. In the case of changes to sabbatical proposals, you must notify the Provost.

Income Producing Projects
It is expected that R&D grants in support of projects which subsequently produce income will be repaid. This will enable the support of other projects.

Any income e.g. royalties, external funding, received over the amount of actual expenses incurred will be reimbursed to the College up to the amount funded by R&D.

R&D cannot consider proposals from those who owe reports on past grants.

The Dickinson College Research & Development Committee must be acknowledged in writing in all publications or performances resulting from the funded activity.

Reasonable Expenses
Because the R&D budget is limited and the college wishes to support as many projects as possible, R&D expects that its awardees will be frugal with their funds, and expenses incurred by awardees will be reasonable, allowable and allocable.  Grants are intended to help meet the goals of the trip or project but may not necessarily cover all of the expenses.  Approved budgets which are part of the application process are encouraged prior to any expense commitments to help both the faculty member and the committee with resource planning.