Planning to study abroad?

The staff at the Center for Global Study and Engagement is here to help you through this process and answer your academic, travel, and living abroad questions.

To schedule an appointment through Microsoft Bookings, find the CGSE staff member for your program of interest below, and schedule a time that works for you. You will receive a confirmation from Microsoft Bookings. If you don't see an appointment time that works in your schedule, please email to set up a time outside advising hours. Please note the CGSE is open M-F; 8:30am-4:30pm. No evening or weekend advising appointments are available. (NOTE: The CGSE will be working on a hybrid schedule for the fall 2021 semester. Appointments are available in person or virtual). 

Semester and Academic Year Program Advising

Barrick kristine

If you're interested in: 
Dickinson at Oxford




If you're interested in: 

Dickinson in Brazil (Currently suspended)
Dickinson in Cameroon (Currently suspended)
Dickinson in China: Beijing
Dickinson in China : YunnanMarissa Mitchell
Dickinson in DC
Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina
Dickinson in France
Dickinson in Germany 
Dickinson in Russia
Dickinson in Spain
Dickinson in Japan
Dickinson in Korea
Dickinson in England
Dickinson in Italy: European Studies
Dickinson in Italy: Italian Studies
Dickinson in New York City (Currently suspended) 
Dickinson in New Zealand (Currently suspended)
Akita International University
Arava Institute, Israel
Ben Gurion University, Israel
Hebrew University
Institute of the American Indian Arts (IAIA)
The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
SIT: Ghana
SIT India: New Delhi and Jaipur
SIT: South Africa (Community Health and Social Policy; Social and Political Transformation)
Advanced Studies in England, Bath
Art History in Florence
College Year in Athens
DIS: Copenhagen
DIS: Stockholm
School for Field Studies (Australia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Kenya, Panama, Peru, Tanzania, Turks & Caicos)
Semester in Environmental Science at the MBL
Temple Rome, Italy

Meet with Marissa Mitchell



Kate DeGuzmanIf you're interested in petitioning to go on a non-Dickinson program, you are required to meet with Katie DeGuzman Director of Education Abroad. Ms. DeGuzman advises for study abroad scholarships, such as Gilman, Boren, CLS, and FEA, and can also guide students whose program interests don't fall neatly under one advisor. 


Email Katie DeGuzman




Many of our on-site staff members are also available for 1:1 online advising appointments. Prospective students are also encouraged to reach out to our on-site staff to learn more about individual programs. (When making an appointment, please note the timezone). 

Dickinson in France

Meet with Julia Carnine, Academic Director 

Dickinson in Germany

Meet with Janine Ludwig, Academic Director

Dickinson in Italy: Italian Studies

Meet with Bruno Grazioli, Resident Director

Dickinson in Russia

Meet with Irina Filippova, Resident Director