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Committees - Board of Trustees

From its earliest meetings, the board has made extensive use of committees to govern the college. The chair of the board and the president of the college are ex officio members of all committees. Most committee meetings are open to all members of the board, except the Executive Committee, the Committee on Governance and the Subcommittees on Honorary Degrees and Strategy, as content discussed in those sessions is confidential. Current standing committees include:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee conducts the business of the board between regular meetings, but cannot make major institutional decisions. The committee is responsible for conducting the annual review of the president and ensuring inclusivity standards are met in all committee work.

  • Subcommittees:
    • Strategy—responsible for making recommendations regarding the strategic direction of the college, making strategic connections across committees, and monitoring trends in higher education and the use of technology to advance the strategic initiatives of the college.
    • Honorary Degrees—develops a pool of candidates for honorary degrees to be presented annually at Commencement, and occasionally, at other special functions of the college, and recommends to the board suitable candidates for such degrees. The subcommittee is responsible for soliciting nominations from trustees, faculty and others and for recommending those candidates that best reflect the goals and mission of the college.

Committee on Academics and Student Experience 
The Committee on Academics and Student Experience evaluates and recommends strategies to advance the college’s academic and student life goals including oversight for evaluating the quality of the educational program, confirming the relationship between the college’s charter, bylaws and mission and the broad contours of its academic program, and enhancing student learning, growth and development inside and outside of the classroom.

Committee on College Outreach 
The Committee on College Outreach is responsible for the board’s activities relating to the college’s relationship and communication with its off-campus constituencies and publics, including alumni and parents of current students and alumni, and prospective students and their families. The committee also shall have responsibility for the board’s activities relating to the college’s advancement efforts including annual and special fundraising efforts.

Committee on Enterprise Risk Management 
The Committee on Enterprise Risk Management will oversee the audit function, internal controls and risks including those associated with technology.

Committee on Governance
The Committee on Governance promotes and monitors effective governance of the Board of Trustees. It is responsible for vetting and nominating prospective board members. The committee shall also evaluate and re-nominate current board members and oversee training for committee leaders on board governance and inclusivity standards.

Committee on Investments 
The Committee on Investments develops, recommends and implements strategies for the prudent management and investment of college assets.

Committee on Resources 
The Committee on Resources provides oversight and recommendations regarding the college’s financial reporting and resources, long-term financial strategy, debt management, physical plant and budgeting to include enrollment, fundraising initiatives and human resources. The committee reviews and recommends financial policies and procedures to the board, including recommendations for the setting of tuition and fees, the college’s annual budget and on matters related to the construction, renovation and maintenance of all campus facilities, including real estate transactions.

  • Subcommittee:
    • Human Resource Services—recommends and monitors the implementation of strategies and policies to enhance the working environment for all college employees.