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Placement & Transfer Credits

Mathematics class studying abroad

I would like to take a mathematics class when I study abroad. How do I get approval for the transfer credit?

For approval of transfer credits from international programs contact Professor Holley Friedlander. It is best to obtain approval prior to taking the course. Please gather as much of the following information as possible.

  • Course title and description (a link to the appropriate course/program is very helpful)
  • The name of the institution that is offering the course
  • A syllabus, past syllabus, or a course web page (if possible)
  • The name of the textbook and the sections to be covered (if possible)
  • The name of the corresponding course at Dickinson College (if appropriate)
  • The Enrollment in Another Institution form (here is some more information about transfer credits on the registrar's web page)

Students looking for Calculus transfer credits: There are many varieties of calculus, all with different content and levels of rigor. Because of the linear nature of the calculus sequence it is important that the course matches up well with our calculus course. Historically it has been difficult to find appropriate courses at international institutions.

Mathematics majors who wish to take courses that count toward the major are strongly encouraged to take mathematics electives, not required courses.