Spring 2023

Thursday, February 2
Georgiana Haldeman, Colgate University
“Effective and Scalable CS Education”

With enrollments at a record high, computer science (CS) departments have a need for effective and scalable teaching techniques that is greater than ever. Some concepts and skills in CS are very challenging, such as runtime analysis and value vs. reference semantics. In this talk, we present our research on two pedagogical devices for these challenging concepts, and two additional solutions developed to make an existing scalable practice more effective, both for learning and teaching. These solutions extend autograders, enabling them to automatically provide formative feedback to students as well as a summary of the most common errors. These solutions are complementary: the first provides hints written by the instructor, while the second provides feedback on the structuring of students’ code.

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Friday, February 3
Saad Hassan, Rochester Institute of Technology
“The Use of Automatic Sign Recognition to Support Look-up Technologies for Sign Language Learners: A Human-Computer Interaction Perspective”

Despite some prior research and commercial systems, if someone who is viewing sign language sees an unfamiliar sign, it remains a difficult task to look up its meaning. Advances in sign-language recognition technology have enabled the design of search systems for sign look-up in dictionaries, by allowing users to generate a query by submitting a video of themselves performing the word or by submitting a video segment containing the unknown sign. In this talk, we present our research investigating the user experience of sign-language search systems. We describe the design of two iteratively implemented sign look-up systems to support task-based experimental studies with sign language users and investigate settings of key performance and design variables. We also discuss future research in this area, on designing technologies to support bi-directional ASL learning including both receptive and expressive skills.

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Tuesday, April 25
Mathematics & Computer Science Majors Dinner

HUB Social Hall
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Wednesday, May 10
End of Year Picnic

Rector Courtyard
Rain Location: Rector Atrium
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