Spring 2021

Tuesday, February 23rd
Professor Jeff Forrester and Professor Tracy McKay - Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Dickinson College and
Annie Kondas, Center for Advising, Internships and Lifelong Career Development, Dickinson College

"Where Do I Go From Here?"

In this chat we discuss a wide variety of careers and opportunities for students majoring in mathematics and computer science. In addition, we talk about graduate school options, internships, and REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates).

Via Zoom (link was emailed to Math & CS majors)

Friday, April 16th
Dr. Brian Allen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Hartford

"Ironing Out the Wrinkles in a Black Hole Horizon"

The heat equation is a partial differential equation (PDE) which is used to model the flow of heat through a medium. In geometric analysis this equation has inspired many other heat like equations where there is an analogy between heat and curvature. In this talk we will build intuition for the heat equation, see how this equation can inspire geometric evolution equations for surfaces, and then explore a surprising connection between the evolution of surfaces and the relationship between the event horizon of a black hole and its mass.

Via Zoom (link will be emailed to Math & CS majors)

Tuesday, April 20th
Mathematics & Computer Science Majors Dinner

Upsilon Pi Epsilon and Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society Inductions
Departmental Prizes and Awards

8:30pm (Eastern time)
Zoom link will be email to majors closer to event date

Friday, May 7th
Beverley-Claire Okogwu Honors Defense
Title TBD

Abstract TBD

3:00pm (Eastern time)
More information closer to event date