Fall 2020

Tuesday, October 27th
Mike Capone '88
CEO, Qlik

“From CS Major to CEO”

Mike Capone will speak about his career journey from a Dickinson Computer Science graduate in 1988 throughout his current role as Chief Executive Officer of Qlik, a global leader in Data and Analytics technology headquartered in King of Prussia, PA. In an interactive format, Mike will discuss how his liberal arts education prepared him for his career and helped him bridge the gap between technology and business leadership. He will also talk about valuable lessons learned along the way, personally and professionally.

Via Zoom
(Zoom link has been emailed to Math/CS majors; email millert@dickinson.edu for link if not a major)

Tuesday, November 17th
Josh Margolis '13
 PhD student in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University

"Models and Algorithms for Vehicle Routing and Surveillance"

Operations research (OR) is the study of applying mathematics to make better decisions. Practitioners consult on problems in a range of topics, including healthcare, business, energy, transportation, and public safety. We use OR techniques to provide quantitative support to the military and other defense agencies to improve the efficiency of their tasks and activities. Specifically, we study target surveillance, which is a fundamental military and homeland security operation; it provides valuable information to help ensure the welfare of our personnel and assets, both at home and abroad. In designing these missions, though, operators need to account for changes to enemy capabilities, mission priorities, or even physical conditions. Thus, we study the positioning and deployment of assets (e.g., autonomous vehicles) for such missions while considering limitations (such as threats of detections or vehicle speeds and fuel capacities) and anticipating an evolving flow of information. With the help of mathematical programming approaches, we seek to uncover insights and improve operations.

Via Zoom
(Zoom link has been emailed to Math/CS/Physics majors; email millert@dickinson.edu for link if not a major)