Fall 2022

Friday, September 9
Welcome Back Picnic

Rector Courtyard
Rain Location: Rector Courtyard

Friday, September 23
Dr. Russell Toris '11
"Demystifying Autonomous Robotics: How the Fusion of Math and Computer Science Empower State-of-the-art AI"

Autonomous cars, delivery robots, warehouse fulfillment AMRs -- what powers these technologies we are now seeing in our day-to-day lives? In this talk we will see how fundamentals in mathematics and computer science have contributed to enabling some of the most advanced algorithms and capabilities to-date. Robotics and autonomy is no longer the future, but arriving fast.

Dr. Russell Toris is Director of Robotics Engineering at Zebra Technologies. His passion is bringing robots out of the lab and into the world to be used by everyday people. Throughout his career, Toris has built and distributed tools which enable researchers, developers, and end-users to interact with robots in an intuitive way using popular cloud and web-based technologies. His research in Learning from Demonstration, Cloud Robotics, and Mobile Manipulation has focused primarily on non-expert end-users which has helped Zebra Technologies bring robots into the workplace. Toris received his B.S. in Computer Science from Dickinson College and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Rector Lecture Room
Pizza provided

Tuesday, October 11
Rhombiglobe Group Build with Glen Whitney

Join us as we build a rhombic enneacontahedron with Glen Whitney, Founder of the National Museum of Mathematics and Problem Warden, Prison Mathematics Project.

Our sculpture will bring the word "geometry" full circle, The Greek roots of this word literally translate as "earth measure", and our construction of 270 rods, 540 caps, and 92 cable ties will reflect the land masses and ice caps of the planet we inhabit projected to their closest approximation. Come help us build and have fun as we learn more about this fascinating structure and Cauchy's Polyhedron Theorem.

You can see past builds with Glen Whitney by visiting http://studioinfinity.org/tag/installation.

Tome Front Patio Entrance (Rain Location: Tome Library)
Pizza provided

Tuesday, November 15
Professor Jeff Forrester and Professor Tracy McKay - Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Dickinson College and
Ann E. Kondas, Dean & Director of Employer Relations and Career Development, Dickinson College

"Where Do I Go From Here?"

In this chat we discuss a wide variety of careers and opportunities for students majoring in mathematics and computer science. In addition, we talk about graduate school options, internships, and REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates).

Tome 115
Pizza provided