Internships, Research Projects and Conferences


The choice of Russia's capital city for the program's home base is intentional: Moscow is home to some of Russia's finest universities, libraries, theaters, museums, and art galleries. Living in Moscow gives students very unique educational and cultural opportunities. Because it is a home of embassies, international businesses, NGO offices and publishing houses, Moscow is the perfect place to arrange for the most interesting internships. 

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Research Projects

Students participating in a year-long program are required to complete a Research Project in Russian History or Politics which is carried out in conjunction with a course on Russian history or politics they take at RSUH in Russian.

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RSUH and the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language offers program participants opportunities to meet Russian and foreign students. These opportunities include student conferences.

In connection with the “Russian Media” course offered at RSUH, participants of Dickinson-in-Moscow program conduct research on various issues of contemporary Russian society. They present their final projects at the annual International Student Conference organized by the by the university. These conferences take place in different RSUH affiliations located in Samara, Saratov, Ulan-Ude, Great Novgorod and other Russian cities. Participation in the exchange of ideas along with exposure to various other cultures provides for a unique cultural and linguistic opportunity for Dickinson students studying in Moscow. Here are two examples of such conferences:

On December 11, 2009, RSUH hosted the International Students Conference  entitled “Literature and the Arts in the Modern World." Amongst other international students from Spain, Germany, Japan, USA, England and France, Dickinson Students expressed their opinions on this topic in Russian. The students shared their own personal understandings and definitions of Literature and Art, discussed its influence in the modern world and explored its role in society.

Kara Elder '11 said, "Participating in the conference added another level to my world-engaging Dickinson experience. It was interesting to hear what people from different countries and cultures think about art and literature in the modern world, and even more engaging because we all came together from different backgrounds and spoke in Russian about such a diverse topic. I will definitely never forget this."

Various photos of the International Students Conference at RSUH in December, 2009.