Norwich UK

Students find a whole new educational setting at the University of East Anglia as part of the Dickinson in England program.

Studying Abroad as an Economics Major

The economics department encourages participation in study abroad programs, and with careful planning, students can spend a semester or academic year abroad. Economics majors study at a number of Dickinson and partner programs across the world, and many Dickinson programs offer courses that transfer as economics credit:

  • Dickinson in Australia
  • Dickinson in England (Norwich Humanities or Norwich Science) (For an in-depth look at life in Norwich, England, as part of this program, please watch this video.)
  • Dickinson in Italy
  • Dickinson in Japan
  • Dickinson in Korea
  • Dickinson in New York City 

To learn more about each program, search the list of abroad programs, available by major.

Students seeking to take 300-level economics electives abroad should complete their required intermediate courses before leaving campus. Double majors often select a site primarily driven by their other major, and students who plan carefully have the flexibility to complete their economics major while taking classes abroad for their other major.

Transferring Courses

Majors should discuss all plans to take an economics or math course at another institution, including summer school or study abroad, with your major advisor prior to course selection and enrollment. All math courses must be approved by the math department. In addition to approval by the math department, you will need your advisor's signature on your Enrollment at Another Institution form.

To transfer an economics course—for both majors and nonmajors—please submit the following to Tammy Evelhoch, department coordinator:

  • A completed Enrollment at Another Institution form
  • A written description of the course taken or to be taken
  • A copy of the course syllabus (from the current or recent semester)