Every scholarship established at Dickinson has a story, and probably more than one.

There’s the story of the donor who wanted to give back because a Dickinson education made all the difference. And there’s the story of the classmates who joined together to honor their shared memories with a scholarship for future generations of Dickinsonians.  Dickinson is grateful for the generous support of those who make the Dickinson experience accessible to prospective students with the potential to become high-achieveing Dickinsonians.

You may make a gift of any amount to an existing scholarship fund. From Dickinson’s secure giving page, in the “Other Designation” field please enter the name of the scholarship fund you wish to support.

For more information on Dickinson’s named scholarships, contact Tara Renault in the donor relations office at 800-543-3809 or advancement@dickinson.edu

Current Named Scholarships

Selma K. Asbell Scholarship
Selma K. Asbell Fine Arts Scholarship
Asbell Global Campus Scholarship
Whitfield J. Bell Scholarship
Walter E. Beach '56 Scholarship
John E. Benson Scholarship
John & Judy Bierly Endowed Scholarship
Michael A. Bloom Urban Scholarship
John Robert Paul Brock Scholarship
Margaret Ann Brown Scholarship
Harold H. Brenner Scholarship
Herman M. & Mary Brauner Memorial Scholarship
Truman Bullard Scholarship 
James C. Bush Scholarship
Hannah & Benjamin Cantor Scholarship
Dean Mary Frances Carson Scholarship
Susquehanna Conference UMC Scholarship
John Milton Davidson '33 Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Davies Scholarship
Chace and Helen Davis Scholarship
Helen King Duvall Scholarship
Ann M. Dykstra Memorial Scholarship
William Wesley and Ruth Small Durden Scholarhip
Eastern Conference Methodist Church Scholarship
Dorothy Edwards Scholarship Fund
Ted and Betty Ely Scholarship Fund
Fenn Family Scholarship Fund
Ferrone Family Scholarship
Mervin G. Filler Scholarship
Financial Services Endowed Scholarship
John M. and Joan G. Finn Scholarship
General Electric College Bowl Scholarship 
Fleegler Family Scholarship in Health Studies 
Juan Alberto & Ninfa Gaviria Global Scholarship
J. Duff & Ruth Kruger George Endowed Scholarship
Gillings Family Endowed Scholarship
M. Brandt Goodyear Scholarship
Franklin L. Gordon '40 Endowed Scholarship
Donald Graves '53 Scholarship
Katie Hajdarovic '14 Scholarship in the Sciences
Virginia Gwynn Hannington Scholarship
Elmer Charles Herber Scholarship Endowment
Jerry A. Joyce '58 Scholarship
Nathaniel Kirkland '11 Memorial Scholarship
Michael B. Kline Scholarship
Barbara and Sidney Kline Scholarship
Gary Knechtel '80 Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Knuth Scholarship
Kuntz Sisters Scholarship
Paul A. LaMantia Endowed Scholarship
Barbara Sook Leone '59 Scholarship
Samuel A. Lewis Scholarship
Andy Levitt Scholarship
William P. Lincke '73 Scholarship
Magill Family Scholarship
Matthew A. Mace Scholarship
Andrew A Mandjuris Endowed Scholarship
Marcello Family Endowed Scholarship
Massa-Glass Family Global Campus Scholarship
Charles Watson McKeehan Scholarship
J. Bruce & Sarah Hollister McKinney  Scholarship
Mills Family Scholarship
Albert & Pamela Searles Miller Endowed Scholarship
Bob and Pat Mistick Scholarship
Martha M. Morrette Scholarship
Morrow Family Scholarship
Ludwig & Katherine Mueller Endowed Scholarship
Robert S. Murley Scholarship
Native American Student Scholarship
Lois E. Pallotolo Scholarship
Douglas J. '80 & Terri A. Pauls Scholarship
Gordon Pfau Memorial Scholarship
Beatrice Kathleen Porter Scholarship
Meyer Potamkin Scholarship
Captain Michael M. Quin, USMC, Scholarship
Leonard J. Raiff '68 Scholarship
John H. and Sandra V. Radcliffe Scholarship
Rapoport Family Scholarship
Reynolds Family Endowed Scholarship 
Robert F. Rich Memorial Scholarship 
Julien A Ripley Jr Scholarship
J. Wesley Robb Scholarship
Roberts Family Scholarship
Joel Rome '66 Memorial Scholarship
Samuel Rose Scholarship
Stuart M. Rosen '62 Scholarship
Laurence M. '83 and Debra Brickner Rosen '83 Scholarship
Sandra Achenbach & David A Sellers Scholarship
Rugaber Study Abroad Scholarship
Francis Benjamin Sellers Scholarship
Skull & Key Scholarship
Regina Vath Smythe '48 Endowed Scholarship
Ralph L Slotten Endowed Scholarship
Stafford Scholarship for Bioinformatics
Amanda Wertz Soule Memorial Scholarship
Spahr Family Scholarship
Speers Family Scholarship
Edward P. & Margit E. Springman Scholarship
Stafford Scholarship for Psychology & Neuroscience
Dr. Lewis E. Stover '51 & Nan G. Stover '51 &  Scholarship
Sarah Nancy Fleming Stuart Scholarship
Peter J & Wilma Tashnovian Scholarship
Jane Tarner Taylor Scholarship
Taylor-Tyree Family Study Abroad Scholarship
Van Wegen Scholarship
Ron Waetzman '71 Scholarship
Michael P. Walker Scholarship
Beatrice L. & Robert Walter Ward Scholarship
David W. Webster Scholarship
Judge Gerald and Claire Weinstein Scholarship
Percy and Phyllis Wilson Scholarship
Mary J. and Frederick G. Yuengling, Jr. '55 Scholarship
Harry C. Zug '34 Family Scholarship
Richard V. Zug '28 Scholarship Fund
Hugh B. Woodward & Helen K. Woodward Scholarship
Alice Sharp Scholarship
John B. Sharp Scholarship
Jonathon R Adkins Schoenberg Scholarship
Albert Allison Memorial Scholarship
William H Allport Schoenberg Scholarship
Alumni Scholarship
Linda Ruth Akers Scholarship
John M. Arters Scholarship
Asbell Family Scholarship
Sarah and Isedor Asbell First Generation Scholarship
Atlantic Richfield Foundation Scholarship
Baldwin Memorial Church Scholarship
Jenna Bartlett - Weed Scholarship
Lance F Barton Schoenberg Scholarship
Liselotte von Usedom Beach Scholarship
Goldie Kunkle Beal Scholarship
M. Grace Bechtel Memorial Scholarship
Herman Berg Scholarship
Nevin L. Bitner Scholarship
Willard E. and Helen T. Bittle Scholarship
David and Annie Blair Scholarship
George I. Bodine Jr. Scholarship
Sidney Bookbinder Scholarship 
Claude and Mary Carson Bowman Scholarship
Dorothy Bailey Bostley Scholarship
Priscilla Bradley Scholarship
John Buonocore III Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd A. and Mabel K. Burkholder Scholarship
Morrie Burns Scholarship  
Dorothy A Bryan Memorial Scholarship
Carlisle Corporation Scholarship 
Carl & Margaret Chambers Scholarship
Laura A Chiappetta Schoenberg Scholarship
Lori Ann Christian Schoenberg Scholarship
Jessica R. Cichy Schoenberg Scholarship
Caroline Hatton Clark Mathematics Scholarship  
John Wesley Clark Scholarship
Class of 1914 Scholarship
Class of 1915 Scholarship
Class of 1917 Scholarship
Class of 1918 Scholarship
Class of 1920 Scholarship
Class of 1921 Scholarship
Class of 1926 Scholarship
Class of 1927 Scholarship 
Class of 1928 Scholarship
Class of 1930 Scholarship
Class of 1933 Scholarship 
Class of 1935 Scholarship
Class of 1937 Scholarship
Class of 1938 Scholarship
Class of 1943 Scholarship
Class of 1947 Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Class of 1961 Scholarship
Class of 1965 Scholarship
Class of 1983  
Class of 1985  
Class of 1986  
Class of 1991 Multicultural Scholarship
Joseph and Mary Strong Clemens Scholarship  
Carolyn Cleveland Scholarship
Joel Claster Memorial Scholarship 
John O. Cockey Jr. Memorial Scholarship 
Colburn Family Scholarship
Moncure Daniel Conway Scholarship  
Eleanor Cooper Scholarship  
Vincent and Karen Schaefer Correal Scholarship
Fred and Frances B. Corson Scholarship
Nathan Dodson Cortright Memorial Scholarship 
Stephen Courtland Scholarship
Margaret Craig Scholarship
Ann Curley Williamsport High School Scholarship
John Curley Easton High School Scholarship
William K. Dare Scholarship
S. Adelbert DeLude Scholarship  
Brian P DeMarco Schoenberg Scholarship
John & Hanna Dempwolf Scholarship
Amy S Demski Schoenberg Scholarship
Vikram S Dhawer Schoenberg Scholarship
Barbara J. Dixon Scholarship
Lucy Holt Doney Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Ellis Memorial Scholarship
Smith Ely Scholarship
Lester Etter Scholarship  
Marybeth Evans Scholarship
William Schuyler Eves Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Fahey - Weed Scholarship
Farmers Trust Company  
Robert M. Ferguson Jr. Memorial Scholarship
First National Bank Scholarship
Frederick H. Fletcher Scholarship
Mary E. Frankenberry Scholarship
E. Harold and Florence F. Frantz  Scholarship
Frank A. Freeman Scholarship
Howard Gale Scholarship 
Melville Gambrill Memorial Scholarship  
General Scholarship Endowment
BD George/A Horsley Mem Scholarship
Gibb Scholarship
John Gillespie Memorial Scholarship
Adriane M Glenn Schoenberg Scholarship
Dr. Ronald Goldberg Scholarship
Edna Grace Goodyear Memorial  
Philip Grier Scholarship
Earl & Marie Gunter Scholarship
John H. Hackenberg Scholarship
Alice E. Hackman Memorial Scholarship
Herbert G. and Nelle P. Hamme Scholarship
Katharine S Harman Schoenberg Scholarship
Frank Harrison Memorial Scholarship
Haverstick and Snavely Scholarship
Lester S. Hecht Scholarship
The Heckman Scholarship for Pre-Ministerial Students
Edgar and Mabel Heckman Scholarship
J. Fred Heisse Scholarship
H. Joseph Hepford '46 Scholarship
Harry and Yetta Hoffman Scholarship
John H. Hopkins Scholarship
E. Foster Heller Scholarship
Hollabaugh Scholarship
David Homsey Memorial Scholarship
J. Edward Horn Scholarship
Jennifer A Hornick Schoenberg Scholarship
Marybeth Horvath Schoenberg Scholarship
Richard Howland Scholarship
Milton D Huezo Schoenberg Scholarship
Bruce Hughes Scholarship
William and Cora Hunt Scholarship
Florence B. Hutchinson  
William Albert Hutchison  
International Business Machines Scholarship
William Jackson Memorial Scholarship 
The Benjamin D. James Scholarship Fund
Amy E Johnson Schoenberg Scholarship
Theodore O. Jones Scholarship 
Kappa Sigma Alumni Association Scholarship
Spyro Karetsos Schoenberg Scholarship
Charles H. B. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
Kindle Foundation Scholarship
Leona & Sidney Kline Scholarship
D.R. Sieber I.E. Kline & M.S. Kline
Grace K. Koller  Memorial Scholarship
G. Leroy Krieger Memorial Scholarship 
Creedin S. & Dorothy W. Kruger  Scholarship
Harry D. Kruse Scholarship
Dr. Roy R. Kuebler Scholarship 
J. Fred Laise Scholarship  
Merkel Landis Scholarship  
Charlotte Berberian Lamb Scholarship
J. Boyd and Janet Landis Scholarship
Frederic M. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship  
Dr. Daniel Leabman Scholarship  
Harry L. Lee Scholarship 
Henry Lehr Memorial Scholarship
Jason M Lippy Schoenberg Scholarship
Henry Logan Scholarship
Henry Logan Lafayette Presbyterian Church Scholarship
Henry Logan 1st Presbyterian Church Scholarship
Henry Logan Monoghan Presbyterian Church Scholarship
David W. Long Applied Music Scholarship 
Christian Lucas Scholarship
John B. Lucas Scholarship
Anthony Mach Memorial Scholarship 
Jennifer L Maiola Schoenberg Scholarship
C.H. Masland Scholarship
Robert H Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
Joseph M. and Aimee L. May Memorial Scholarship
Richard H. McAndrews Scholarship 
Barbara Snyder McCrea Scholarship
Bessie McCullough Memorial Scholarship
Barry R Meinerth Schoenberg Scholarship
Rebecca Jo Menghini Schoenberg Scholarship
Erik D Michael Schoenberg Scholarship
Bishop William V. Middleton Scholarship 
Arthur Burton Milby Scholarship
Oscar Howard Miller Scholarship
Theodore F. Miller Memorial  
William Van Axen Miller  
Thomas Montgomery Scholarship
Christie L Morrison Schoenberg Scholarship
Twewang Namgyal Schoenberg Scholarship
Paul Neely Scholarship
Charles Nisbet Memorial Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth Read Oerther Scholarship  
Marlin E. Olmstead Scholarship
Eric B Parnell Schoenberg Scholarship
Paulis Family Scholarship
John B. Peters Memorial Scholarship
Charles E. Pettinos Scholarship
Frederick Petty Music Scholarship
Philadelphia Confrerence of Methodist Episcopal Church Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Phillips Scholarship
Arthur M. Prinz Memorial Scholarship 
Raiff American Studies Scholarship
Raven's Claw Scholarship  
Reader's Digest Foundation Scholarship
Bruce Rehr Scholarship
Ernest C. and Mima J. Reisinger Scholarship
Benjamin P Riley Schoenberg Scholarship
Christopher Lee Roberts Scholarship in the Humanities
Rosalyn K. Robinson Scholarship
Horace Elton Rogers Scholarship 
Charles H. Rorer Memorial Scholarship
Howard L. Rubendall Senior Presidential Scholarship
Howard L. Rubendall Freshman Scholarship
Edgar H. Rue Memorial Scholarship
Mary Sachs Scholarship
Wilmer Wesley Salmon Scholarship
Friedrich and Mary Peters Sandels  
Andrew C. Schaedler Foundation Scholarship
Valerie Schall Scholarship 
Charles T. Schoen Scholarship 
Seraph Foundation Scholarship
Shaefer McCormick Stambaugh Scholarship
Arnold Bishop and Mary Agnes Shaw  
Richard Sheeley Scholarship
Robert & Shirley Wicke Shoaf Memorial Scholarship
Charles, Emma, and Wilda Shope
Courtney J Short Schoenberg Scholarship
George Shuman Scholarship  
Paul J. and Ruth F. Smith Scholarship
James Ross Snowden Scholarship
Daniel J. Snyder III Memorial Scholarship
Mary Ann Ocker Spital Scholarship
Elizabeth A Stam Schoenberg Scholarship
C. V. Starr Scholarship  
William M. Stauffer Scholarship  
J. William and Helen D. Stuart Scholarship
Capt. John Zug Steese Scholarship
Barbara Reamy Strite Scholarship 
Alfred Swan Applied Music Scholarship
Dorothy Harnden Sylvestre Scholarship
Fayette N. Talley Scholarship
William S. Thomas '35 Scholarship
Renee L Torres Schoenberg Scholarship
Alanen-Tyska Scholarship
Ruby R. Vale Scholarship
Martin Van Blarcom Scholarship
Moses Van Campen Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship
Julia Van Dusen Scholarship
Edna Carol Walton Scholarship
Hania and Gaitner Warfield Scholarship
Albert and Naomi Watson Scholarship
Ernest A Vuilleumier Scholarship
M. William Wedell Scholarship
E. David Weinberg Scholarship Fund
Sara S. & Wallace White Scholarship
Katherine Walsh Weed Sholarship
Richard H. Wanner Scholarship
Mary Helen Lehman Whitmoyer Scholarship
Meredith B Wiles Schoenberg Scholarship
Ella Stickney Willey Scholarship
Annie Windolph Scholarship
Herbert Wing Jr. Scholarship
Robert J. and Joanne H. Wise Scholarship
William Wood Scholarship
Helen Kisner Woodward Scholarship
Malvin and Georgiana Wright Scholarship
Emmeline M. V. Yard Scholarship
Blanche G. and Henry L. Yeagley Scholarship
Allen & Nobuko Zecha Scholarship
Christopher P Zubowitz Schoenberg Scholarship
Charles K. Zug Memorial Scholarship
William A. McCune and E. Roger Samuel Scholarship
Janet Brougher Asher '38 Memorial Scholarship
Matthew S. Baker '92 Scholarship Fund
George W. and Marie N. Barnitz Memorial Scholarship
Marco Biagi Scholarship
Lauren Roberts Bryant '83 Endowed Scholarship
Phillip C. Capice Scholarship
Clark-Chilton Scholarship
Robert E. Faddis '24 and Jean Faddis Cunliffe '44 Scholarship
Richard and Mary Eshelman Scholarship
Denise Frisbie '95 Scholarship
Norman & Eleanor Gross Scholarship
Melissa Harrington Hughes Endowed Scholarship
Ruth Stuart Jenkins Scholarship
Charles & Mary Kollas Scholarship
Stephanie Greco Larson Scholarship
Robert Liddell Lowe Scholarship in English
Albanus Charles Logan Memorial Scholarship
Magic Pebble Foundation Endowed Scholarship
9-11 Scholarship
Walter H. Ohar Scholarship
Dean '62 and Zoe Pappas Scholarship
Andrew H. Phelps and Emily Brown Phelps Scholarship
ROTC Fallen Patriots Scholarship
Sands Family Scholarship 
Stabler Endowment Scholarship
Austra Treicis Memorial Scholarship
Robert S Watkins Endowed Scholarship
Thomas V. Zug '33 Family Scholarship
Thomas V. Zug, Jr., '68 Scholarship Fund
Wheel and Chain Leadership Award
Marianna Bogojavlensky Memorial Scholarship
Mary Dickinson Club Scholarship