"The Learning Community provides a setting for students to exchange their interests in a relaxed setting... This in turn lets them find what they do best, how they can help, what they want to help with, and who they can turn to when they themselves need help. The Learning Community also helps students learn that there are other people interested in areas of study as much as they are. This is an invaluable thing to gain as a First Year student, since often times there is an unstated pressure that school is school and should be left in the classroom, even though most people I have found truly want to do more outside the class."

Anthony Silverman '12,
2008 LC participant and 2009 Learning Community Coordinator

At Dickinson College, Learning Communities are an extension of the First-Year Seminar Program. Two or more seminars are linked or clustered around a theme. They enroll students in a common residential learning environment.

The Learning Communities at Dickinson allow first-year students to participate in a community with other students who have an opportunity to work closely with faculty, staff and other students.

By selecting to participate in a Learning Community, students and faculty commit to taking the learning out of the classroom and into the residence hall, the community, and the wider world.

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