Welcome to Dickinson! Members of our admissions team understand that retrieving the information you need to help your students from college websites often can be difficult and time consuming. We hope that you find the information here useful, convenient and timely.

We also hope that you will discover the character and personality of Dickinson as well as what makes us unique. A distinctively Dickinson liberal-arts education prepares bright, aspiring young people to commit to lives of substantive contribution in all fields of endeavor necessary to advance a globally engaged democracy. These fields include law, medicine and health services, scientific research, the arts, business and finance, public service, education, community service, military, science and religion.

We invite your feedback because it is our goal to provide you with the tools you need to best serve your students. Contact your regional counselor with your questions and to provide feedback at any time! 

What's New!

We’ve created a page dedicated to helping high school juniors jump-start and navigate the college search process. It’s full of quick tips and videos (with more to come), so check it out and pass it along to your students!

While Dickinson has been test optional since the 1990s, we made the move to test blind for the current application cycle. Visit our Test Blind FAQ page for additional information.

Our work at Dickinson and in enrollment is student-centered. If information is shared in the admissions application (an essay, additional information section, teacher letter of recommendation or counselor statement) or an interview that the student was harmed or may be in a harmful situation then it is the responsibility of the Dickinson employee to report the information to PA Childline and, if required, the Childline in the state where the student resides. We want to be transparent in conveying this information so that the student as well as high school staff are aware of our reporting obligations.

Request our new poster!

Request our new poster!

As a thank you for your continued partnership, we’d love to send you our new poster (featured in the adjacent graphic), which offers application tips on one side, and a vibrant photo grid on the other. Showcase whatever side suits your needs and your space (or request two posters to feature both!).

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Visiting Dickinson

There are a number of options for both in-person and virtual visits at this time.

  • We are offering limited, small-group tours of campus. We also offer self-guided tours supported by QR-code content at various locations around campus. Should you be interested in planning a campus visit or joining our next counselor tour, please contact your regional counselor.
  • We are currently offering a variety of virtual visit options for you and your students. We update our virtual offerings regularly so be sure to stop back to see the latest!


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Encourage Your Students to Connect with Us

We're eager to get to know your students! Please encourage them to sign up to receive information and let them know that their regional counselor would be happy to answer any questions. They might also enjoy our virtual-visit options to get to know the college and the campus better and we look forward to meeting them in virtual school-visits and fairs, too. Our scheduled visits are included on a zip-code searchable map.

We are making virtual interviews widely available so that your students have a space in which to share their challenges, accomplishments and aspirations. The interview is not a requirement—we don’t want to add another box your students feel required to check—but an opportunity for us to get to know your students “off paper.” 

Supporting Your Work

We would be happy to hold a Zoom meeting for you and your students, either to share information about Dickinson or to provide advice on aspects of the process such as essay writing or offer a virtual case-study program.  

We provide details on your applicants—including items missing from their files and decisions after release—in Slate.org.  

You may request a virtual "school visit" by emailing counselorvisits@dickinson.edu or contact your regional counselor to arrange a virtual meeting.

Access our Future College Parent Toolkit on Issuu, which is meant to help guide parents (and, by extension, their students) through the college search and application process with some timely tips, pieces of advice and words of wisdom, collected from our experienced team of admissions experts. The information is not all specific to Dickinson but will hopefully be helpful no matter what colleges and universities end up at the top of the student’s list.



Responsive in Times of Change

Just as we’ve modified our visit options in response to COVID-19, we are also sensitive to the concerns you and your students have about the admissions process.  

We have signed the "Care Counts in Crisis: College Admissions Deans Respond to COVID-19" statement through the Making Caring Common project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  

We will “trust the process,” accommodating the varied ways that schools and districts responded to the need to teach remotely. We will be understanding of what those changes meant for individual students, knowing that the pressure that the pandemic placed on them, their families, schools and communities might be evident in their grades, extracurricular involvement and leadership. 

After test optional since the mid-1990’s and reaffirming that commitment by signing the NACAC “Test-Optional Means Test-Optional” statement, extending our test-optional policy to international students, we announced in September that we would be test blind/test free for the upcoming admissions cycle. 

Be In the Know

If you're not familiar with Dickinson, here are a few important pieces of information for you and the students you work with to be aware of. Explore our website to dive more deeply into all things Dickinson!

  • Dickinson was chartered in 1783 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Benjamin Rush, a revolutionary in both spirit and life, established Dickinson College with the intent of providing a different kind of liberal-arts education.
  • 8:1 student-faculty ratio, and 14 student average class size.

  • 65% of Dickinsonians study abroad compared to 10% nationally. This includes 46% of science majors and 60% of student-athletes.

  • #1 in the nation for sustainability! (No. 1 Overall Top Performer among baccalaureate institutions in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's (AASHE) "Sustainable Campus Index 2018")

  • In 2020, Dickinson became one of the first carbon-neutral colleges in the country.

  • 98% of Dickinsonians are employed, in grad school, undertaking meaningful volunteer work or engaged in a fellowship within one year of graduation.

  • 100% of students who want one will have an internship. In fact, 94% of the class of 2019 completed an internship, externship, research, field experience or service learning course.