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Dickinson Magazine: Fall 2018

Dickinson magazine fall 2018 cover

The fall 2018 issue is filled with tips, tricks and expert advice, thanks to how-tos from alumni, faculty, current students and even President Margee Ensign. In addition, we catch up with the head men's and women's basketball coaches, explore the meaning behind a community bike ride and take a closer look at some campus spaces and events.


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How to...

A distinctively Dickinsonian series of tips, tricks and life lessons

Dickinsonians do incredible things. They are innovative, creative, passionate and proud. So we asked them to break it down for us and share the steps that led to some of their successes. What follows is an eclectic mix—how very Dickinsonian—of literal processes that can be precisely emulated, as well as human-interest stories that offer figurative pathways from inspiration to accomplishment.
In the following pages, you’ll learn everything from how to make fermented beets to how to tie a Van Wijk tie knot. You’ll also discover the meaning behind a wood-carving project that took 17 years and the inspiration for a hobbyist-turned-career-crafter. And we’ll take you beneath the wrapper at an international chocolate company and into the psychology of memory. We hope you learn a thing or two—we sure did! —Lauren Davidson, Editor
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