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Global Course Equivalency Database

Use the Global Course Equivalency Database (GCED) to learn how recent global program courses have been approved by the college to transfer back to Dickinson. Search by program, subject area, graduation requirement or keyword.  

The GCED should be used as a guide and is not exhaustive. Course offerings vary by semester and even if a course is listed in the database, there is no guarantee the course will continue to be offered or will satify the same major requirements. There are also courses available to students that are not listed in the GCED. Students should review the courses available on your program and consult with your academic advisor(s) to discuss your study abroad/study off-campus plans. 

The formal course approval process occurs when students return to campus with the completion of the Enrollment in Another Institution Form. Academic departments approve courses for major, minor, and distribution credit; all other courses transfer as general college credit per college policy. Academic departments have the discretion to re-evaluate courses at any time, for example, if there are significant changes to the course syllabus or the department’s program requirements have changed. Students are encouraged to consult the relevant departments before enrolling in any courses, especially if they need the course(s) to count for specific requirements. 

Note: The CGSE is in the process of updating the Global Course Equivalency Database. Students studying Psychology at Dickinson should consult the course equivalency information on the Pscyhology Department website for the most up to date information. 

Global Course Equivalency Database


GNCR - General college credit

001, 002, 003 courses - Equivalent to 100, 200, and 300 level courses. For example, BIOL 003 is a 300-level biology course.