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Access Plan - How to Set Up Accommodations Through CLIQ


Academic accommodations are facilitated using the Access Plan, a CLIQ application, accessed from Dickinson's Gateway. After receiving instructions for using the CLIQ Access Plan as well as guidance on students' rights and responsibilities under the ADA, students complete an online "Confirmation of Understanding" once per semester. Once the Confirmation of Understanding is complete, the Access Plan process can begin: 

1.  Students convey their accommodation eligibility and intentions to their professors

  • Students log in to their Access Plan through CLIQ and find a “card” for each class that includes the list of accommodations for which they are eligible.
  • Students indicate which accommodations they intend to use for each specific class, and electronically disclose their accommodation intentions to their professors.
  • Students send an “Access Plan Meeting” request to their professors using the CLIQ application. The message is delivered to the professor's email inbox. 

2.  Students and Professors have an “Access Plan” Meeting

  • The professor provides the student with a specific meeting time when they can confidentially review the student's Access Plan and discuss how each accommodation will be implemented.
  • The professor reviews all test-taking accommodation requests with the student and indicates if the test will be administered by the professor or if proctoring will be needed from ADS. 
  • If changes are needed to the Access Plan, the student should make them during the meeting so that the professor can acknowledge the cange before the meeting concludes.

3.  Professors “Acknowledge” Accommodations

  • At the conclusion of the meeting with the student, professors will click “Acknowledge Accommodations” on their Access Plan, and this will be instantaneously conveyed to ADS.


Be sure to review the FACULTY GUIDANCE or STUDENT GUIDANCE page for step-by-step written and video instructions on disclosing and acknowledging accommodations through the Access Plan in CLIQ.