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Kevin Henwood

Kevin Henwood '18, U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship


International studies.

Internship title:

Legislative intern.

How I got this internship:

I got this internship by networking with Dickinson alumni, faculty, staff and parents.

What I do, day to day:

On a daily basis, I assist the staff with various tasks, including researching legislation, compiling policy briefs for lawmakers in our committee, preparing our committee for hearings and performing various administrative duties.

Other internships:

I have had previous internship experience in the House of Representatives, working for Rep. Lance (NJ-7) this past fall, and prior to that I worked on the re-election campaign for Senator Toomey during the summer before the 2016 election. I also conducted research for the Hudson Institute Center for Political-Military Analysis this past spring. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to intern again if it would aid my career options moving forward.

Most valuable part of this experience:

The most valuable part of this internship experience has been the access I have to the legislative process in the U.S. Senate. The House of Representatives and the Senate have different procedural rules, and the ability to learn up-close how all the complex pieces of the legislative process come together to produce a bill that heads to the President’s desk has been very valuable to my professional experience on Capitol Hill.

Advice for students considering internships:

My advice to peers considering an internship would be to not worry about finding a job that is a perfect and direct match for your exact career goals. First, what you think will be your career path today may very well change tomorrow or a year from now. Second, an internship is a lot more than just a line on your resume. The skills you learn working in a professional environment, from being able to write clearly and concisely to fine tuning research skills, will be very valuable to many employers down the road. So don’t stress if you are not able to find your perfect fit yet.

How this internship has helped me:

This internship has prepared me for life after Dickinson by giving me exposure to a variety of career paths and a network of incredibly interesting professionals, some recent graduates and others more seasoned, who have great insight and advice. I will rely on this network for years to come, and, as I begin to launch my career, I could not be more grateful for this internship opportunity.

Post-Dickinson plans:

I hope to eventually be in a position where I can contribute to advancing the national security or geopolitical interests of the United States on the world stage.

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Published August 23, 2017