11 Perspectives, One Goal


Meet the 2017 Baird Sustainability Fellows. Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

Meet the 2017 Baird Sustainability Fellows

by Katya Hrichak ’17

Eleven students have been named 2017 Baird Sustainability Fellows. The Baird Sustainability Fellowship program, named for prominent 19th-century naturalist and Dickinson graduate Spencer Fullerton Baird, recognizes seniors across disciplines for their commitment to sustainability goals through demonstrated leadership, scholarship and service.

As part of the Baird program, these students will be required to take a half credit, interdisciplinary honors colloquium in the spring when they will work to produce scholarly work or service related to sustainability. In addition, students must maintain a high GPA and exemplify character and behavior that embodies the values of civic responsibility, environmental stewardship, social justice and global perspective.

The 11 selected seniors will bring to the colloquium a variety of perspectives on how to make a more sustainable world, representing nine majors, five minors and one certificate program.

2017 Baird Sustainability Fellows

  • Jessamyn Biette (environmental science and French & Francophone studies)
  • Olivia Boggiano-Peterson (environmental studies)
  • Abigail Fisler (environmental studies and Italian studies)
  • Keziah Groth-Tuft (international studies)
  • Bridget Jones (English) 
  • Caroline Kanaskie (environmental science)
  • Natalie McNeill (environmental science and Italian studies)
  • Helen Schlimm (environmental science)
  • Cora Swanson (environmental studies and policy management)
  • Kirsten Walsh (environmental science)
  • Yuanxiaoyue (Artemis) Yang (economics and mathematics)

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Published November 16, 2016