At the End of the Experiment

Student-faculty research generates two articles in prestigious physics journals

Lars English, associate professor of physics, recently saw two of his academic papers published, one of which was the culmination of student-faculty research he conducted over the summer with Jiahao Han '17 (physics, computer science). That article, "Multi-frequency and edge breathers in the discrete sine-Gordon system via subharmonic driving: Theory, computation and experiment," appears in Physics Letters A, an Elsevier journal focusing on novel and frontier physics.

With David Mertens, visiting assistant professor of physics, English also published “Experimental study of synchronization of coupled electrical self-oscillators and comparison to the Sakaguchi-Kuramoto model,” this one finding a home in the prestigious journal Physical Review E, which focuses on statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics.

Co-authored as well by Zhuwei Zeng ’16 (physics, computer science), the article was featured as an editor’s suggestion on the journal’s webpage.

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Published December 8, 2015