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ruffalo and walters

Mark Ruffalo and Julie Walters found time to chat while Ruffalo was on campus in October for his Rose-Walters residency. Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

'New York Times’ ad raises national awareness for Dickinson and its Rose-Walters Prize

Sam Rose ’58 and Julie Walters have taken a unique step in raising the profile of Dickinson and the Rose-Walters Prize at Dickinson College for Global Environmental Activism, and you can see it on full display in The New York Times.

The annual award is highlighted in Friday’s Times in a full-page advertisement purchased by Rose and Walters and featuring this year’s recipient, actor and activist Mark Ruffalo, while also showcasing the varied facets of Dickinson’s sustainability ethos. For his work on behalf of clean-water and renewable-energy initiatives, at Commencement 2015 Ruffalo received the prize, which carries a $100,000 honorarium—funds he promptly donated to Water Defense, a water-resource organization that he co-founded.

Each year, Dickinson awards the Rose-Walters Prize, and its recipient subsequently returns to campus for a short residency. While Ruffalo’s visit to campus received national media coverage, Rose and Walters placed the ad to bring further attention to the prize and highlight the importance of environmental activism and the role Dickinsonians take at its forefront.


Rose-Walters Prize featured in New York Times






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Published November 12, 2015